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Law Services in Lakeland, Florida

John P. Collins, Jr., will personally meet with you and oversee your legal matter. Your case will not be assigned to a junior associate.

I. REAL ESTATE (Residential & Commercial)

  • Purchase Contracts
  • Closings
  • Title Insurance
  • Title Searches
  • Tax Sales
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • General Advice
  • Document Preparation (Deeds, Mortgages, Promissory Notes, Leases, Lease Options, Etc.)

Court - Legal Representation

A. Purchase Contracts:

For one very low flat fee our office will prepare or review a purchase contract for you. The purchase contract is the single most important document of any real estate closing. It dictates seller and buyer obligations. These obligations include the purchase price, deposit, who is responsible for paying expenses, inspection contingencies, and repairs. Mr. Collins will meet with you and discuss your objectives. He will explain your legal rights and obligations. He will answer all questions you have. He will make sure the contract is completed to your satisfaction and in your best interest. Contract review or preparation is normally handled with in a 24-hour turnaround time.

B. Title Insurance:

When purchasing property title insurance is what a buyer needs to assure he or she is receiving clear title. In most cases, the seller agrees to provide title insurance for the buyer. We offer full service title insurance services. We are a member of the Attorney's Title Insurance Fund and Old Republic Title which are among the largest title insurance underwriters in the nation. All of our title insurance policies are issued at the “promulgated' rate which is the lowest rate allowed to be charged by law. With title insurance you will be protected and assured that you are receiving clear title to the property you are buying. Call us for a quote today.

C. Document Preparation:

Our office commonly prepares deeds, promissory notes, mortgages, Ieases, lease options, agreements for deed, and more. For one flat fee our office will prepare or review any of the foregoing documents to your complete satisfaction. Mr. Collins will meet with you personally and find out exactly what you need. He will explain your legal rights and discuss the legal ramifications you should be aware of in connection with entering into such an agreement. Our office will record those documents that need to be recorded so that everything is completed at our office without you having to worry.

D. Tax Sales & Quiet Title Actions:

If you have purchased tax sale property, or are considering doing so, contact our office to assist you through the process. If you have lost your property to a tax sale it may not be too late to get it back. This area of law has changed significantly in recent years. Know your rights. If you have purchased tax sale property, you probably are aware that you cannot obtain title insurance for such property without a quiet title action (during the statute of limitations period subsequent to the tax sale). We can file a quiet title action for you.


  • Estate Planning
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Living Wills (Advanced Health Care Directives)
  • Pre-Need Guardianship Appointments
  • Health Care Surrogate Designations
  • Health Care HIPPA Releases
  • Trust Administration
  • General Advice

A. Basic Estate Planning (Wills):

Everyone needs at least a basic estate plan. That includes a Will, Power of Attorney, and Living Will (Advanced Health Care Directive). Each document serves a separate but important legal purpose. For one very reasonable flat fee our firm will prepare an estate plan specifically for you and your spouse, if married. Without a simple Will your beneficiaries will be determined by State law. Without a simple Power of Attorney your loved ones may have to open a formal guardianship over you (which is very expensive). A dispute could arise over who should be your guardian. This can can be avoided with proper planning. Similarly, your Living Will advises your health care providers how you want to be cared for when you are unable to communicate. And if you have young children you need to designate guardians for them in case you pass away unexpectedly. It is extremely important not to leave these kinds of matters unresolved. Basic estate planning will take care of all of it and it is very affordable.

B. Advanced Estate Planning (Trusts):

Trusts are commonly used to avoid probate. A Trust can also maximize the amount of money you leave to your loved ones by minimizing estate taxes that otherwise might be due. Most medium and larger estates use a Trust to distribute wealth to their loved ones. A Trust works well for even for smaller estates. The Trust serves to provide another important benefit too. In the event of your incapacity during your lifetime (through illness or injury) the Trust will fund your care and avoid an expensive guardianship. In a guardianship, you do not decide who will make decisions for you or who will handle your money and property. A judge in a court room will decide that. Using a Trust, however, you are in control and you decide who will be overseeing your care, money and property.

III. Probate

  • Formal Administration (Probate)
  • Summary Administration (Probate)
  • Ancillary Administration (Probate)
  • Disposition Without Administration
  • Admitting Will To Record
  • General Advice
Probate is the legal process, upon your death, or paying your creditors and distributing the balance of your estate to you beneficiaries. If you made a will or trust, your beneficiaries will be designated in those documents. Without a will or trust, your beneficiaries will be determined by State Law (thus, it is important to have a will or trust). There are several types of probate proceedings to include: Formal Administration, Summary Administration, Ancillary Administration, Disposition Without Administration, and Admission of Will To Record. The nature and location of assets, and whether or not outstanding creditors exist, will determine what type of probate proceeding is requires. The probate process can take anywhere from 30 days to over one year depending upon which probate is required. Most probates involving smaller estates take 30-60 days to complete. In one free office visit, Mr. Collins will advise you of which probate proceeding is required and how much it will cost. Mr. Collins will take the time to discuss with you the probate process and answer all your questions.


  • Corporate Formation
  • Limited Liability Companies
  • "S" and "C" Corporations
  • Buy & Sell Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Bylaws
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Business Sale Agreements
  • Business Sale Closings
  • Business Dissolutions
  • General Advice
Having a corporation under which you operate a company will protect your personal assets. Choosing the right corporate entity for your specific situation is important. For some, a corporation may be used simply to hold title to real estate or other assets as a means of asset protection. Our office charges one flat fee to file your corporation and otherwise handles all of the legal requirements of starting your corporation. We will register your corporation with the State. We will obtain your IRS identification number required to open your bank account. We also prepare the operating documents necessary to maintain your corporate status. These documents contain buy and sell provisions when one partner wants to sell his interest, withdraw from the corporation, or upon the event of death. These types of agreements are extremely important.
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