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Frequently Asked Law Questions in Lakeland, Florida

Question: Why should I hire an attorney when I have been told I don't need one?
Answer: Many clients have told me 'others' have advised them they don't need an attorney. But anyone who has told you that is simply not looking out for your best interest. Whether buying or selling property you should always have a lawyer review your sale or purchase contract. You need to know what is in the so-called "standard" agreement. In the case of preparing a Deed, Will, or Power of Attorney, without an attorney you can risk everything. Do not rely on a blank form, paralegal, or some other individual to prepare these documents for you. In most cases, they are flawed because they do not take into consideration your specific situation.
Question: Does it cost an arm and a leg to hire a lawyer?
Answer: Definitely not. In most cases, we will advise you over the phone before you even make an appointment what the cost will be. We also offer free consultations for matters. You will know in advance the cost and you can decide if you want to move forward. We are simply here to help you. You will receive a straight forward honest opinion about what is recommended and how much it will cost.
Question: What is the next step to consider John P. Collins P.A. for my legal matter?
Answer: Simply call our firm and speak with us. The phone number is 863-682-8282. We encourage you to call us. All we need is basic information to allow us to determine your legal need and what it will cost. If you call us and you receive a phone message do not be discouraged. We are simply helping others like you. And if you do, we will call you back that same day. And we can expedite an appointment if need be.